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[Scanlation] New York Life Comics - The Tale of the Old House

Translated and bad typeset by spaceinvaderdud  (Me!)

Jeepers! Also, Red Herring did it.

That night...

Later on we all evacuated and set off 10 Japanese-made Varsan fumigation insecticide containers.

Even though now I think the BANG BANG noise was a human act, if it was someone banging on people's houses as hard as they could then this becomes a story about the public order being scary in America...*

*Rough translation

>Varsan even works on ghosts.

It does?!

What made me think that America's ghosts are showy are when the people talk to ghosts in America's ghost TV shows.

The ghosts seem to respond rather well in conversations.

"Who are you?!"


"What are you?!"

"...A bartender..."

That's how the conversation usually goes.

Also, I'm really surprised by how much ghost photos, which I used for a joke a long time ago, in America have ghosts that may as well have a "Look at me! I'm here!" sign on them.

I think I'd like to learn a little from the gramp's dignified manner of not appearing ethereal in the middle of the photo but appearing solid on the side.*

*Again, rough translation

Original Strip: http://www.geocities.jp/himaruya/nynikki.html
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